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Lowrí is a Norwegian brand established by Helene Hanalla with the first product launch in January 2022.

The core of Lowrí is simple design and a focus on sustainability. That is why Lowrí is a handmade brand with a small and slow production using environmentally friendly ingredients.

As of today, Lowrí consists of the Signature scented candles that come in the form of a pillar candle designed after the illusion of a scented candle in a container with a label. Which symbolizes the unnecessary need for extra material such as a container for the scented candle to be a beautiful interior piece in your home.


And the Lowrí Ceramic Duo collection.

The idea behind the design of this duo kit is that you only need to buy the ceramic container once, and then buy a refill when you need a new one.


In this way you can explore several fragrances without the cost of a whole new ceramic candle and of course it makes it all more sustainable.


The first kit you purchase includes one refill with the same fragrance as the main ceramic candle. 


Helene Hanalla has a background from the beauty industry and has worked both as a make-up artist and beauty journalist for various clients and regulary for the editorial staff of ELLE Norway. 

After several years as a make-up artist and a writer, Helene wanted to explore her passion for beauty, fragrance and interiors - and wished to combine her interests into a lifestyle and beauty brand. 

Lowrí currently consists of scented candles, but in the long term Lowrí will be developed into a brand with a wider range of different lifestyle products with the same focus on sustainability, exclusivity and niche. 

Lowrís office and production take place in Oslo and all products are handmade by Helene Hanalla.

Lowrí founder
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